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What Is A Termite Baiting System?

The traditional method of getting a subterranean termite infestation under control has been the chemical barrier. This method has been in use for over 75 years, but more recently, a new method has become widely available – the baiting system.

How do termite baiting systems work?

The baiting system can work in several ways, depending on the type of poison that is used. In all cases however, the system consists of several plastic receptacles that are partially buried in the ground around the infested building. In these receptacles, cellulose laced with a slow acting insecticide is inserted and checked/replaced regularly. The cellulose acts as the bait and it draws in termite workers that are out foraging for food.

Depending on the type of termiticide used, one of several things can happen. To start, a majority of the workers in the colony may die off, and the colony will no longer be able to feed itself and it will collapse.

Alternatively, the termiticide will disrupt the molting process of worker termites, and these workers will start to die as they attempt to molt. Since workers molt in the royal chamber near the queen, they will die in this essential part of the colony, which termites go to great lengths to keep as clean as possible. Because dead bodies send termites into a panic, they will immediately relocate the queen. However, workers going through the molting process will keep dying wherever the new royal chamber is built, and this will put tremendous stress on the queen, eventually destroying the reproductive capacity of the colony.

Finally, there are termiticides which will be shared around in the colony and they will eventually reach the queen and poison it.

Termite baiting systems vs. chemical barriers

Baiting systems have the major drawback of not stopping an infestation immediately. It will usually take up to a few months to destroy a colony, so in certain urgent scenarios, going with a baiting system is not really advised. A chemical barrier is much more effective at stopping an infestation in its tracks, because it cuts off the pathways between the termite colony and the home. The two methods are sometimes used in tandem, with the barrier stopping the infestation, and the baiting system killing off the colony.

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