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    Tucson Scorpion Control

    While Tucson homeowners wishing to stretch out a bit move to the desert at the foot of the Tucson Mountains, Catalina Foothills, Rita Ranch, Vail, Green Valley or Corona de Tucson, they often find they do not love the reality of sharing their new found freedom with scorpions.

    As Tucson has grown and expanded out into the open desert, scorpions in search of food and water have moved into homes, as well. With over 30 different scorpions in Southern Arizona, the most common species wandering into homes seems to be bark scorpions.

    Bark Scorpions, Deceptive and Dangerous to Children, but Not Generally Lethal

    Because adult bark scorpions are deceptive at their skinny and yellowish 1.5-inch length, homeowners mistakenly take them for immature scorpions, until they step on them or roll over on them and get a nasty, painful sting. Although all Arizona scorpions are venomous nocturnal arachnids, they are not considered deadly, but their stings can cause seizure-like symptoms in small children with violent shaking, eyes rolling into the back of their heads and vomiting or drooling reactions.

    Make Your Home Less Inviting to Scorpions

    Fortunately, antivenom is available for bark scorpion stings. Not easily controlled by commercially available pesticides, homeowners can do a number of common sense things to reduce the number of scorpions entering their homes. AZ Pest Control suggests sealing all cracks and openings around your home to reduce the number of insects bark scorpions prey on as well as:

    • Reduce clutter inside your home
    • Remove debris from around your property
    • Remove vines growing on your house
    • Avoid planting oleanders
    • Use bug lights on the exterior of your home, especially near doors
    • Clean up woodpiles and stacking firewood 20 ft. from your house
    • Avoid installing doggy doors
    • Repair water leaks

    Arizona Pest Control Makes All the Difference

    While these measures can reduce the number of scorpions in your Tucson area home, Arizona Pest Control‘s success at managing scorpion problems spans almost 70 years. Family-owned and operated, we train and educate our dedicated scorpion division in the latest scorpion control techniques, including certification in the highly regarded Scorpion Barrier program. Call us today to schedule a free pest management inspection at 520-886-7378. Contact your COMPLETE desert pest specialists today!

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