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    The Tucson area’s vast offering of outdoor venues draws many visitors and residents to her world class golf courses, sports stadiums, renowned festivals and open air restaurants. Tucson homeowners also enjoy a variety of backyard and poolside events during the summer months, as well. However, nothing can put a damper on outdoor festivities like the threat of bees and wasps that build nests too close to guests and family members.

    Bees Cause Alarm by the Threat of Harm

    Although pollinators, like honeybees whose importance to the global food supply is unquestionable, all bees will not attack unless their colonies are threatened. However, they all cause alarm as they can be dangerous to humans, livestock and pets.

    All Feral Honeybees are Believed to be Africanized in the US

    Also, due to an accidental release of twenty-six African honeybee queens and thousands of worker bees from a Brazilian laboratory in the 1950s, populations of Africanized bees interbred with feral European honeybee colonies, establishing Africanized honeybee colonies in Central America, Mexico and Texas. By the 1990s, Africanized bee colonies had been established in other parts of the United States.

    Recently, southwestern farmers and ranchers have started reporting that feral honeybee colonies they’ve co-existed with for years are stinging livestock and people, leading bee experts to believe that all feral United States bee colonies have now become Africanized.

    Africanized Bees are More Aggressive and Dangerous than European Honeybees

    Since Africanized bees, nicknamed “killer bees,” are faster, more aggressive and more sensitive to threats than European honeybees, they attack with force in more numbers and pursue perceived threats for longer distances. Because of elevated health threats posed by Africanized bee colonies, Arizona Pest Control advises Tucson residents and commercial venue owners to contact our bee specialists to address feral bee concerns in addition to reporting multiple bee stings to your local county agricultural commissioner so the colony can be inspected for Africanization.

    Our Bee Specialists Remove Bee and Wasp Threats

    For bee hive removal, and bee control, contact AZ Pest Control Company’s trained bee specialists to learn about our bee removal procedures and all of your bee control concerns. When bees and wasps threaten to derail your outdoor plans, it’s time to contact pest control professionals and Arizona Pest Control Company’s trained bee specialists possess the skills and know-how to get your plans back on track.

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