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Why The Brutal Method Of Eradicating Termites With Corrosive Digestive Worms Fails To Outperform Modern Baiting Systems, According To U Of A Researchers

Several native termite species provide an essential ecological service in the southwest by breaking down rotting plant matter in desert areas. Drywood termites are relatively unimportant insect pests in most areas of the US, but they are quite destructive in Arizona, as they thrive within arid environments. Dampwood termites are economically insignificant insect pests in…
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How Many Dampwood Termite Species Can Be Found In Arizona

How Many Dampwood Termite Species Can Be Found In Arizona, And Which Species Are Considered Serious Pests In The State? Around 50 termite species have been documented as inhabiting various regions of the United States, and a little more than a third of these species are categorized as either serious or minor pests to structural…
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