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Which Termite Species In Arizona Are More Difficult To Control?

Termite infestations are particularly common in Arizona for several reasons. For one thing, termites are abundant in desert ecosystems because they are one of the few organisms in such regions that maintain soil fertility by breaking down dead plant matter. For those who are unaware, termites naturally consume cellulose, which is the fibrous material contained…
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How Do Subterranean Termite Colonies Differ From Drywood Termite Colonies

Unlike subterranean termites that dwell mostly in the soil beneath the ground, drywood termite colonies are completely contained within above ground wood sources. While subterranean colonies are largely made up of workers that tunnel through soil in search of fibrous plant material to feed on, drywood termite colonies do not produce workers that forage away…
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Arizona’s Drywood Termite Species

Considering that termites are well known for the significant amount of water they need to stay hydrated, many non-residents of Arizona are surprised to learn that several termite pest species are abundant in the exceptionally arid southern half of the state. Subterranean termite species must maintain a habitat below the ground or within wood in…
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