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Large Scale Insect Invasion!

Numerous Residents Of One American Town Are Expressing Their Terror Over A Smelly Bug Invasion On Social Media Sites A large scale insect invasion may seem like a cliched B horror movie plot. While there may exist many movies involving oversized insects eating helpless pedestrians in populated cities, insect invasions in urban areas are not…
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A Novel Mosquito Control Method Is Being Perfected In Arizona

A Novel Mosquito Control Method Is Being Perfected In Arizona Only a few weeks ago, officials in Florida announced that mosquito control efforts had already commenced. Health officials are emphasizing the importance of mosquito repellent use, and state-employed pest control professionals are making sure to take a more aggressive approach toward anti-mosquito projects during 2018.…
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Termite Species in Australia Eat More Grass Per Year Than Cows

Some people may be willing to believe the claim that not all termites are pests to man made structures, but certainly termites must all eat wood, right? Most termite species consider wood to be an ideal food source, as it contains the cellulose that termites need to survive. Most termites eat both wood and dead…
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