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Which Termite Species In The Sonoran Desert Region Swarm All Summer Long?

Two drywood termite species of economic importance have been documented in Arizona. Of these two species, the dark western drywood termite (Incisitermes minor) is the most widespread and destructive drywood termite species in the western United States. These termites infest areas of decayed wood in numerous tree species, including sycamore, oak, alder, cottonwood, eucalyptus, and…
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Unexplained Arthropod Invasions In Page Have Been Mystifying Residents

Every once in a while, a residential area in Arizona is invaded by insect pests. For example, Bullhead City saw repeat black fly invasions which terrorized residents for months, and last November saw another fly invasion in a West Valley neighborhood of Maricopa County. This fly invasion perplexed residents, as nobody was able to pinpoint…
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