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Why The Brutal Method Of Eradicating Termites With Corrosive Digestive Worms Fails To Outperform Modern Baiting Systems, According To U Of A Researchers

Several native termite species provide an essential ecological service in the southwest by breaking down rotting plant matter in desert areas. Drywood termites are relatively unimportant insect pests in most areas of the US, but they are quite destructive in Arizona, as they thrive within arid environments. Dampwood termites are economically insignificant insect pests in…
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How Little House Flies Differ From Domestic House Flies

Fannia canicularis, or the little house fly, is an insect pest that is well known for establishing infestations within and around homes. Little house fly adults are 3 to 5 mm in length, making them about ⅔ the size of domestic house fly adults. When little house flies are at rest, their wings fold in…
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Pharaoh Ants Nest In Bizarre Indoor Areas

Ant pests are notorious for establishing extensive indoor infestations where their presence can be difficult to eliminate. This is especially true when it comes to ant pest species that are capable of establishing indoor nests. One of the most commonly encountered ant pest species in homes, Monomorium pharaonis, often establishes multiple nests within hidden indoor…
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