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The Arizona Crickets That Can Damage Clothing And Drywall

Crickets may not be commonly associated with dry desert environments, but actually, there exists 100 species of true crickets in virtually every region within the United States. Arizona is home to three true crickets, but “true” crickets only include cricket species that belong to the Gryllidae family. This family belongs to the Orthoptera order, which…
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Are Disease-Carrying Ticks An Issue In Arizona?

Arizona may be crawling with all sorts of creepy spiders and insects, but ticks are not typically associated with arachnid pests in the state. Most people are aware that ticks and tick-borne disease is a major problem in the northeastern region of the United States where the climate is warm and humid during the summer.…
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Tragic Killer Bee Attacks That Have Occurred In Arizona

Many people have heard the true story about the fiasco that eventually led to the introduction of Africanized honey bees into the United States. After a colony of killer bees escaped from Brazil in 1956, the insects slowly spread north, and experts knew that it would only be a matter of time before the highly…
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