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Spiders Continue To Thwart Housing Developments | Spider Exterminator

Spiders Continue To Thwart Housing Developments | Spider Exterminator Protecting wildlife and the endangered species of this earth should be important to everybody. Protecting animals that are endangered is easier said than done. In order to preserve species that are endangered, their natural environments must be preserved as well. But what about spiders? Would anybody…
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Spiders Can Give Potential Mates Backrubs

Life is not that great for male spiders. The vast majority of spider species have females that are much larger than males. In order to avoid being eaten, many different spider-types have resorted to many different methods to avoid becoming a meal. Black widow males, for example, can use the scent of female pheromones to…
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Noise Pollution Is Killing Off Spiders

History has shown us that there are many ways of killing arthropods. Arthropods are a group of animals that include insects, spiders and crustaceans. Now it looks like there is yet another way of killing mass amounts of bugs--noise pollution. According to a study done at the Museum of Natural History, big industrial machines, mostly…
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