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Bug Lover Studies Bugs By Placing Them On His Face

Bug Lover Studies Bugs By Placing Them On His Face The world is full of bug enthusiasts, and not all of them are professional entomologists. There are also some pretty dedicated amateur bug experts out there in the world as well. Some amateur entomologists even travel the globe with the hopes that they will locate the…
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Smart Spiders Spin Decoy Spiders Into Their Webs

Smart Spiders Spin Decoy Spiders Into Their Webs Spiders spend quite a bit of time and energy into building their webs. These webs are their home, ticket to a meal, and protection from predators all in one, so a certain level of dedication and care taken when building a web makes sense. What scientists hadn’t…
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Should You Fear Scorpion Flies?

  Should You Fear Scorpion Flies? When you hear someone mention “scorpion flies” you probably think that such a creature is surely fictional. Maybe the person that mentioned it saw too many cheesy horror films from the 1950s. If you were to learn that these are bugs that actually exist on this planet, then you…
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Does Evolution Favor Six Legged Organisms?

We humans get along great with just two legs, so it is a wonder as to why some modern organisms possess several legs. Over the course of evolution, the six legs belonging to insects have been preserved, but why? Are they necessary? Would humans be better off moving around like insects? Who knows? But if…
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