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A Horsefly Bite Killed A Man While Horseback Riding With His Daughter

Some of you are familiar with horseflies and the painful bites that they inflict on humans and animals. Horseflies look like regular houseflies, only they appear to be twice as large. Horsefly bites are notorious for the extreme pain that they cause to victims, but with the exception of their bites, these insects are typically…
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The Most Destructive Termite In America Was Accidentally Exported To Europe

There are numerous termite species existing within the United States. Some of these species are considered invasive, such as the Formosan subterranean termite and the Asian subterranean termite. Luckily, the habitat range of these two species does not extend far beyond the southern Gulf Coast states. However, there exists several native termite species in the…
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Hot To Make Your Home Less Inviting to Scorpions

Make Your Home Less Inviting to Scorpions Fortunately, antivenom is available for bark scorpion stings. Not easily controlled by commercially available pesticides, homeowners can do a number of common sense things to reduce the number of scorpions entering their homes. AZ Pest Control suggests sealing all cracks and openings around your home to reduce the…
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