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    Beehive Removal

    At Arizona Pest Control Company, we know the summer months bring friends and family to your Tucson backyard for cookouts and pool parties, as well as attracting multitudes of visitors to the greater Southern Arizona area for outdoor recreation and entertainment events. But when bees and wasps build nests in close proximity to pools, backyards and any of Tucson’s popular outdoor summer fun festivities, things can go horribly wrong. That’s why residents and businesses are advised to remain calm, steer clear of beehives and wasp nests and call AZ Pest Control to address any and all bee and wasp concerns immediately and for a Tucson Bee Removal estimate!

    Excellent Track Record and Responsible Service

    With over 70 years devoted to protecting Tucson residents and commercial clients from the threat of bees, Arizona Pest Control maintains its status as Tucson and Southern Arizona’s premiere pest control company with its track record of excellent, responsible service focused on the greater Tucson area.

    Bee Traps

    Using environmentally friendly bee traps, skilled and experienced Arizona Pest Control bee technicians strategically place the traps in areas conducive to expedient bee removal without the use of pesticides or baits that could possibly affect birds and other wildlife in the vicinity. Highly organized and eusocial, bee colony members communicate through pheromones that direct their actions.

    These innovative bee traps send out signals via pheromones that attract bees to gather inside the traps. Because the traps are designed to prevent the bees from escaping, the AZ Pest Control bee squad responsibly moves the trapped bees to an appropriate location.

    Contact us today at 520-886-7378 for more information about bee and hive removal at affordable rates, a removal method geared towards ensuring Tucson and Southern Arizona’s sustainable future.

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