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A Three Year Old Girl Was Stung Several Times By A Deadly Scorpion Species That Was Located In Her Diaper

Scorpions may be scary looking creatures, but at least most of them cannot deliver deadly venom to humans. Of the 2,000 scorpion species that exist, only a few are capable of killing humans. However, healthy adults can typically survive stings from even the most venomous scorpion species. Even though an adult may survive a sting from a highly venomous scorpion, healthy adults can still experience convulsions and respiratory problems after being stung by a scorpion. Of course, children, the elderly and those who are immunocompromised have a higher rate of death from scorpion sting. One of the most venomous scorpions is a species commonly referred to as the “Brazilian yellow scorpion.” This scorpion is unique for being particularly dangerous to children, which is why a three year old girl from Brazil is lucky to have survived repeated stings from the dangerous arachnid.

After picking her daughter up to carry her into bed, a mother suddenly realized something was wrong after her child became limp and unresponsive. Within seconds of this realization, the young girl, Sofia, began foaming at the mouth. Sofia’s panicked mother rushed her daughter to the hospital where they quickly found a scorpion in Sofia’s diaper. The arachnid was attached to Sofia’s umbilical stump, and she sustained seven separate stings from the scorpion. According to the doctor, Sofia only survived because she received six emergency shots of an anti-corticosteroid serum over a two hour period. Upon finding the scorpion, the nurse on-call found that she could not remove it herself, as it was still alive. Luckily, a nearby security guard successfully removed the arachnid without sustaining a sting himself.

For a period of time, doctors and Sofia’s parents were unsure about the young sting victim’s survival, but after spending several days in intensive care, Sofia was released and has since fully recovered. Sofia’s mother believes that the scorpion perpetrator accessed the bathroom through the drain in the tub, and proceeded to crawl into the cupboard that contained Sofia’s diapers. Since the incident, the family has avoided their home out of fear, and are instead living with a relative. Brazilian yellow scorpions are the most venomous scorpions in Brazil. Due to how this scorpion’s venom attacks pancreatic functioning, medical researchers are hoping to study the venom as a potential treatment for pancreatic conditions.

If you were Sofia’s mother in this situation would you have searched with suspicion for an insect or arachnid on Sofia’s body after witnessing her initial symptoms?