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Scorpion Sting Incidents Continue To Occur Well Into The Fall Season In Arizona

More than 1,400 scorpion species have been documented around the world, the most dangerous of which inhabit African and the Middle East. In Arizona, somewhere between 40 and 60 scorpion species have been documented, but many species remain undescribed due to the difficulty in differentiating between morphologically and genetically similar specimens. Scorpion species in Arizona…
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Why A Large Scorpion Species Produces Two Types Of Venom

Some scorpion species produce venom that can potentially cause death, and surprisingly, the most deadly scorpion species are most often the smallest as well. This correlation is exemplified by the non-fatal stings dealt out by the enormous Parabuthus transvaalicus scorpion species. While this scorpion species may not kill a human with its sting, it is…
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