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How To Remove Scorpions From Indoor Surfaces And Human Skin Without Getting Stung

Scorpions inhabiting Arizona remain dormant throughout the winter before emerging in March, but in recent years, the venomous arachnids have been emerging as early as February in the southern half of the state. For example, during February of 2017, numerous southern Arizona residents were finding scorpions within their bedding, in showers, all over their yards,…
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How To Know If The Scorpions You Encounter Are Dangerous

It could be said that scorpions are not typically associated with spiders. However, scorpions, contrary to what many people may think, are technically arachnids, and not insects. Scorpions are also more abundant and diverse than most people assume. All scorpions possess the same classic features. For example, most scorpion species possess lobster-like pincers, as well…
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Hot To Make Your Home Less Inviting to Scorpions

Make Your Home Less Inviting to Scorpions Fortunately, antivenom is available for bark scorpion stings. Not easily controlled by commercially available pesticides, homeowners can do a number of common sense things to reduce the number of scorpions entering their homes. AZ Pest Control suggests sealing all cracks and openings around your home to reduce the…
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