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Several Government Buildings Are Falling Apart Due To Termite Infestations

Termites have been spotted in multiple government buildings during the past week. These termite infestations on public property have been reported in more than one city. One termite-riddled area contains a group of infested structures located in the city of Lorain, Ohio. These structures make up a part of the city’s Public Property Complex. The solution to this termite related problem is proving difficult for city officials to solve. Whether the structures are demolished or renovated, the City of Lorain will be forced to spend thousands or even millions of dollars in an effort to eradicate termites and to repair the widespread damage that they have caused to multiple government buildings in the city. Another government building is under suspicion for having a termite infestation, only this building is a school that is located more than one thousand miles south of Lorain in St. Johns County, Florida. According to the mother of a student attending a public school in the county, termites swarmed her son’s classroom, potentially causing structural problems that could become dangerous to students in the future.

The Public Property Complex in Lorain contains a long-running termite infestation that has become well established in the foundations of many structures within the complex. The Public Property Complex in Lorain was constructed in 1921, and it was used for many purposes, including salt storage. However, the complex has since fallen into disrepair while city employees are still working within the compromised structures. According to the Public Property Department Director, Lori Garcia, an entire wing of one office building within the complex has been closed off due to water leaking through holes in the ceiling. In this same office building, termites have destroyed several walls, causing irreparable damage. One employee claimed that active termites can easily be seen with the naked eye on occasion. Even if the building is demolished, city officials will still have to pay a high price to have the land treated with anti-termite insecticides in order to ensure that termites will not return to cause problems for future real-estate developments in the area.

In Florida, pest control professionals have been busy inspecting the Bartram Trail High School after a concerned parent claimed that a termite swarm approached her son’s classroom. Pest control professionals quickly spotted an infestation within the school, and the termite culprits are eastern subterranean termites. School district officials have claimed that the termite infestation was unknown to them, and it is not clear as to how long this infestation has lasted. Luckily, it seems that the school has not yet sustained any structural damage related to the termite infestation.

Do you believe that structural damages are inevitable in all cases where well established termite infestations are suddenly discovered in a structure?