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Scorpions Are Reportedly Finding Their Way Indoors This Summer | Scorpion Control

Scorpions Are Reportedly Finding Their Way Indoors This Summer | Scorpion Control

It seems like there are two different types of people in the world; those that think scorpions are fascinating creatures, and those that shriek at the mere thought of a scorpion. There may be a few folks out there that are neutral when it comes to their opinion on scorpions, but scorpions have an otherworldly look that is enough to keep most people away, whether they are scorpion lovers or not. In any case, it could be hard going on about your fascination with scorpions after finding one in your shoe. Once these little buggers invade your home, it’s war. There have been reports around the United States, mostly in Florida, involving scorpion sightings in people’s homes. So if you are a fan of scorpions now, you may not be by the time the summer comes to an end.

One man claims that every year when the rainy season starts, not long after the rain begins he can already spy scorpions lounging about his house. Scorpions can find their way through the smallest of cracks, and right now scorpions are attempting to escape the wet conditions outdoors for the preferable dry conditions indoors. This same man went on to say that the damp timber surrounding his house is absolutely littered with scorpions. According to this clearly traumatized resident, the most common place to find scorpions is inside your shoes. People have reported stories telling about scorpions crawling up their sheets while lying in bed.

Scorpions are predatory arachnids and they eat insects. If a scorpion does wind up in your home, then it likely followed its insect-prey into your home. Most of the time, when scorpions are found indoors, they are normally found in crawlspaces or attics, but sometimes they can get stuck in your drains while seeking water. So remember that the next time you take a shower, and beware the scorpions this summer.

Have you ever spotted a spider or an insect stuck inside one of your household drains?