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How To Remove Scorpions From Indoor Surfaces And Human Skin Without Getting Stung

Scorpions inhabiting Arizona remain dormant throughout the winter before emerging in March, but in recent years, the venomous arachnids have been emerging as early as February in the southern half of the state. For example, during February of 2017, numerous southern Arizona residents were finding scorpions within their bedding, in showers, all over their yards,…
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Smoking Scorpions Is A Popular Activity Among Some Drug Users

Scorpions are among the most feared of all creepy-crawly creatures. Many people assume that scorpions are insects, but they are actually categorized as arachnids, as their eight legs clearly indicate. For those who fear arachnids, the thought of sustaining a sting from a scorpion is among the most terrifying of thoughts. However, in some scorpion-rich…
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