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Which Scorpion Species Are Encountered Most Often In Arizona?

At least 30 scorpion species have been documented within the state of Arizona, but only three species are commonly encountered in human-populated areas. These three scorpion species are commonly known as the bark scorpion, the striped-tail scorpion, and the desert hairy scorpion. Luckily, all scorpion species in the state are considered harmless to humans with…
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The Elements & The Insects: Taking it to Extremes

Weather and environmental changes play a big role not only in our lives, but the life and cycles of insects. Take, for example, this year’s Tucson monsoon season – the National Weather Service said this “nonsoon” has been the driest to date. Instead of the flooding storms we normally have, we’ve gotten just .66 of…
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We’re Hiring A Customer Service Representative!

Directly responsible to the Office Manager in daily activities involving scheduling of services and interaction with both technicians and clients. Job Type: Full-time Expectations: Positive life outlook is key Outside the box thinking Team atmosphere High level of professionalism Good Under Pressure Call center skills a positive (we are not a call center however) Basic…
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