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Which Non-Venomous Insect House Pests Are Considered Most Dangerous To Humans?

Entomologists and pest control professionals consider cockroaches, termites, flies and mosquitoes to be the most alarming household insect pests that must be dealt with immediately in order to avoid serious consequences. When it comes to termites, the tremendous damage they inflict to structural wood renders infested homes hazardous. Cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, on the other…
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The Truth About Boxelder Bug Pests In Arizona

The Truth About Boxelder Bug Pests In Arizona Boxelder bugs belong to a group of plant-feeding insects known as “true bugs,” but after heavy bouts of rainfall, and when temperatures drop around the holidays, these bugs often invade Ariona homes in large numbers in order to seek shelter. Most people think of a boxelder bug…
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The Common Caterpillar House Pest That Rips Apart Carpeting, Clothing, And Many Other Fabrics In Order To Construct Indoor Cocoons With The Fibrous Scraps

As many people are already aware, moth and butterfly larvae are commonly referred to as caterpillars. While butterflies are among the few insect groups that are cherished by humans, moths have a well earned reputation as indoor pests that annoyingly fly around light sources. Humans are generally well disposed toward caterpillars despite the fact that…
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