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Simple Ways To Dramatically Reduce Soil Moisture And Moisture Saturation Within Substructural Wood In Order To Prevent Subterranean Termite Attacks

Even in arid Arizona, native subterranean termite species must remain within relatively moist soil in order to thrive. The two most economically significant subterranean termite species in the state, desert subterranean termites and arid-land subterranean termites, see workers leave their central nesting site where they maintain foraging paths in moist soil. Foraging only in relatively…
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U of A Entomologists Claim That Arizona Is The State With The Greatest Diversity Of Potentially Dangerous Arthropod Species, Many Of Which Commonly Invade Homes

According to Biologist Randall D. Babb of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and researcher at the University of Arizona, the state of Arizona likely sees the highest number of venomous arthropods when compared to all other US states. However, most of Arizona’s venomous arthropod species are not likely to inflict bites or stings that…
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