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Is DIY Termite Control a Good Idea?

We don’t think so!

If your house is in a location that is prone to termite infestations, you probably know this too, along with the nuisance and damage that termites can cause. Termites have consistently been considered one of the top trouble areas for property owners.

Every homeowner wants to safeguard their home and property from termites. Termites are known to cause significant damage not just to physical property, but also to the health of human beings who may be co-existing with them. While it is natural to want to eradicate termites from their home, it is not a good idea to go about this process yourself.

You can maintain cleanliness and follow a few basic protocols to ensure that your home doesn’t turn into a breeding ground for different types of termites. However, if your home has already been infested, you must seek professional help to disinfect your property.

Here’s why DIY termite control might not be a good idea:

  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution: Termites have over 2,000 varieties of subspecies. Each type of termite has its behavioral patterns and eradication method. If you have read some termite removal tips, chances are that those tips may not apply to the specific type of termites in your home.
  • The problem may be bigger than what meets the eye: You may have spotted a specific area in your house that seems to be infested, but there might likely be other areas within your house where termites may have spread. Termites can expand their colonies in a short time, and if they have managed to enter your property, they will seek multiple furniture items, drywalls, or boxes to build their next nest in. To fully assess the magnitude of the problem, you need to have an expert come and inspect your property.
  • Surface application solutions are ineffective: Most liquids and disinfectants that are available in the market are highly ineffective in solving the core infestation problem. The strength of these solutions is usually not enough to kill off an entire termite colony. Needless to add, due to multiple chemicals being used in modern homes, termites have started to adapt to the effects of many generic surface applicants.
  • Harm to human health:Store-brand disinfectants and sprays might not be successful in killing termites, but they are still full of harmful toxins and chemicals. Many of these chemicals might have adverse health effects on people residing on your property. People who are at risk for asthma attacks or have pre-existing health conditions might be severely impacted by these chemicals.
  • Not a permanent solution: All DIY methods of termite eradication are short-term in nature. Some methods might be successful in eradicating termites for the time being, but eventually, there is a huge risk of re-infestation by termites who did not die in the first place. A professional expert will be able to eradicate all termite colonies, and also provide solutions to avoid future infestations by this species.

Wrapping Up

Termite control is no DIY job. It demands professionals with the right training, knowledge, and equipment. Moreover, DIY won’t be effective until you find out where termites hide, which is extremely difficult. Your best route is hiring pest control professionals who specialize in termite control to save yourself the hassle and claim your house back from the termites.