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Get Rid of House Flies Naturally | AZ Pest Control

There are various non-toxic natural repellants alternatives available to repel and discourage houseflies.  Let’s have a look at different methods to remove or repel houseflies naturally.

Plants that repel flies naturally:

Let’s look at some of the natural plants that repel houseflies so that we can enjoy less annoying summers:


Poke about twenty to thirty cloves into a ripe citrus fruit or an apple and put them on the plate. Have a careful inspection, and you will see that the houseflies will go away within seconds.

You will see that these aromatic pomanders will deter the flies.


Having a lavender plant in your house is the best form of removing the flies because it is widely available in many forms. Grow lavender plants outside the house or keep them inside a vase. You may also burn the lavender essential oils near the entry points to remove the houseflies from entering.


Many housefly repellants contain orange or lemon extracts not for the aroma, but citrus is a huge housefly deterrent. Place citrus peels near the areas where the flies are buzzing.


Basil is a versatile herb that is planted near the windows, outside, and inside the house. Place the basil plants near the windows and entry doors to deter the flies from entering inside.

Removing houseflies from natural traps:

Sometimes you need more than a natural fly repellant to attract these annoying pests and trap them. Here are some of the natural traps to try:

Vinegar and dish soap:

A mixture of vinegar and dish soap will help you to kill the houseflies and trap them. Mix few drops of dish soap with vinegar in a glass and cover it with plastic wrap. Poke holes in the plastic wrap. The flies will sink due to the soap solution, which eventually dies by drowning.

Venus flytrap:

These are carnivore plants that attract and eat insects. Place them outside the house to get rid of houseflies. When a housefly sits on that plant, it triggers off, and the plants close around the fly. The houseflies get killed when these plants secret a digestive fluid and dissolve the houseflies.

Sticky traps:

Sticky traps attract the flies. These traps come with a covering of a sticky substance that traps the houseflies. Be careful to use these traps as they may stick anything.

Wrapping up:

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