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The Black Carpet Beetle

In The Arid Southwest The Black Carpet Beetle Is Particularly Problematic As A Pantry Pest, And They Disperse Throughout Homes Rapidly Where They Feed On A Variety Of Items Not long ago, Peter Warren, an insect expert working for the Pima County Cooperative Extension and the University of Arizona, was approached by a resident who…
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Arizona’s Drywood Termite Species

Considering that termites are well known for the significant amount of water they need to stay hydrated, many non-residents of Arizona are surprised to learn that several termite pest species are abundant in the exceptionally arid southern half of the state. Subterranean termite species must maintain a habitat below the ground or within wood in…
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More Native Termite Species Can Be Found In Arizona Than In Any Other State

Around 45 termite species have been documented as inhabiting the United States, and until somewhat recently, Arizona was home to the greatest amount of termite species when compared to all the other 49 states. However, during the last three decades, Florida has been invaded by six non-native termite species that have established a permanent invasive…
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