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A Woman Learns That A Cockroach Has Been Nesting Deep Within Her Nose

A Woman Learns That A Cockroach Has Been Nesting Deep Within Her Nose

During the nighttime hours, one woman from Asia experienced something moving around in her nose. Naturally, the woman became concerned for her physical and mental health. Was she losing her mind? Were these sounds in her head? Unfortunately, the answer to these two questions is a big “NO”. Instead the woman suspected a bug, because she claimed to have felt something crawl up into her nose right as she was falling asleep–we’re guessing she did not get back to sleep that night. After a few minutes of worrying, the woman became convinced that she had a bug crawl up into her nose–not a pleasant thought.

The woman described the sensation in her nose as a tingling crawling feeling. She said that whenever the bug moved, her eyes would water and she would experience intense burning. The woman also reported to doctors that she was suffering from severe headaches, and difficulty breathing. Unbelievably, the woman was forced to visit a multitude of clinics before her health issue was properly diagnosed, and the diagnoses must have read “giant cockroach invaded woman’s nose”. The competent doctors told the woman that the roach was burrowing into the roof of her nose, and that was why she was experiencing stinging eye pain.

The roach was found to be dangerously close to the woman’s skull-base, which is the dividing point between the nose and the brain. As shocking as this woman’s medical issue is, the fact remains that cockroaches almost never invade human orifices. Dr. Richard Nelson, an emergency medicine physician at The Ohio State University, agrees with the doctors that treated the woman, but he also said that he has encountered many patients in the emergency room who had roaches lodged in their ears. However, Dr. Nelson did admit that the nose is not often a target for insects. Luckily, the woman made a full recovery, and we can assume she is now sleeping with a facemask every night.

Have you ever had a bug lodged in one of your orifices?