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Finding Sewer Cockroaches Within Homes Is Not Uncommon In Southern Arizona

Several cockroach pest species infest homes in all areas of the contiguous United States. The four most common species are American, German, brown-banded, and Oriental cockroaches, and each one of these species can be found throughout the country. The south is home to a few additional cockroach pest species, most notably the Australian and smokybrown…
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How Arizona’s Cockroach Pest Species Differ In Terms Of Appearance And Habits

Several cockroach species are common indoor pests in Arizona, including American, German, Oriental, Surinam, Turkestan, brown-banded and field cockroaches. Of these species, the American cockroach is most distinctive in appearance due to its large size, which ranges from 1 ¼ to 2 inches in length, making it twice the size of most other cockroach pest…
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Common Cockroach Pests Of Homes That Are Frequently Mistaken For Other Species

Despite the excessively arid climate in the Sonoran Desert, moisture-loving cockroaches are abundant in southern Arizona. Four cockroach species have achieved pest status in virtually every area within the contiguous US. These species include German, American, Oriental and brown-banded cockroaches, and each of these species have been known to establish infestations within homes and buildings…
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The Most Common Cockroach Species In Arizona Happens To Favor A Sewer Habitat, And They Are Readily Distinguishable From Other Roach Species In The State

Several cockroach species that are known pests of homes can be found throughout the United States, the most common of which include German, American, Oriental, brown-banded, and smokybrown cockroaches. Although cockroaches require moist living conditions in order to thrive, multiple roach pest species are abundant in the arid Sonoran Desert including the recently introduced Turkestan…
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