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A Woman Collects 200 Pounds Of Honey From A Honey Bee Infestation

Experiencing a pest infestation within your own home is not easily forgotten. Houses have been found infested with bats, mice, rats, raccoons, and a host of different reptilian creatures, most notably snakes. Only the most extreme pest infestations tend to involve these creatures. However, infestation experiences do not have to be entirely negative; after all, a serious pest infestation will likely keep homeowners mindful of upcoming pest inspections. In a world where most people skip out on necessary pest inspections, learning to be proactive about potential pest issues is an advantage. One particular pest infestation in Houston, Texas had a notable upside to it. Years ago, a woman named Josie Parra discovered a large bee infestation within her home. Luckily, she managed to extract two hundred pounds of honey before the honey bees were eradicated from her home.

Back during the late 2000s, Parra lived with a bee infestation behind the walls of her home. Initially, Parra did not know how many bees she had infesting her home. Eventually, after a thorough inspection by a pest control professional, Parra was told that she had hundreds of thousands of bees behind the walls of her home. For two whole years, Parra chose to live with these hundreds of thousands of bees. During that entire span of time, she simply attempted to avoid the bees, which was not hard as they were behind her walls, of course.

Eventually, in 2010, Parra decided that she had had enough of the bees and she had her walls torn down. The bee infestation finally disappeared, but at the cost of serious remodeling fees. Hopefully, Parra wanted to redecorate her house, as there are actually much easier ways of eradicating bee infestations. However, the infestation was not all bad for Parra as she received two hundred pounds of honey out of the deal. The honey bees in her home must have decided to leave her something for her generous hospitality.

Have you ever heard the sound of bees, or any other insect, within the walls of a home?