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How A Residential Africanized Honey Bee Attack Led To A High Speed Chase

Every year Africanized honey bees, also known as “killer bees,” attack humans who encounter nests on their property in Arizona. Africanized honey bee attacks are common in the state due to the fact that invasive Africanized bees have been interbreeding with common European honey bees in the state for more than 2 decades. Today, any…
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A Phoenix Man Became Pinned Under The Horse He Was Riding After They Both Sustained Numerous Bee Stings, And A Green Valley Dog Died In Response To 200 Bee Stings

Arizona is well known for the many tarantula, snake and scorpion species that inhabit the state. While these creatures may be frightening to look at, let alone encounter, the most dangerous creatures in the state are definitely bees. In Arizona, bees are killers, as fatal bee attacks occur multiple times per year in the state.…
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Why Are Honeybees So Beneficial To Humans?

Bees are amazing creatures, as much of our food would no longer exist without their pollinating ways. Of course, bees are good for a lot of things, and not just pollination. However, the services that bees provide to the agricultural community cannot be overstated. Not long ago, biologists from the University of San Diego confirmed…
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