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Why You Should Be Eating…Snails?!

Snails are considered a delicacy in many cultures. However, it is not necessarily well known that snails are consumed as food regularly in some parts of the world, and that includes the United States. Much like caviar, snails are expensive, and as a food they are often associated with the upper-class lifestyle. Now snails are no longer just for the super-rich as many nutritionists are touting snails as the next super food.

First of all snails are a great source of low-calorie protein, but most snail-eaters prefer to dip them in butter before eating. In fact, snails contain more protein than jiust about any type of seafood that you can imagine.

Snails are also a great source of omega three fatty acids. Omega threes benefit the cardiovascular system, and it is about the best supplement you can take to help maintain cardiac health. However, snails do not contain nearly as much omega three fatty acids as fish oils. Snails also contain significant amounts of iron, B-12 and selenium. We humans do not require much selenium in our bodies to stay healthy, but selenium does protect against cell damage, as well as boosting the immune system.

Not only are more and more people eating snails in order to reap the health benefits, but some people are even applying snail oil to their faces. Why would anybody apply snail oil to their faces you ask? Apparently snail-slime is great for the skin, and can help create a more youthful look in older individuals. The benefits of snail oils were first notices when some farmers notices that their hands were smooth and soft after handling snails during their farming duties. Also, it has been reported that snail oil helps cuts to heal more rapidly. These skin-improving repots are not just anecdotal as a recent scientific study revealed the fact that snail produce a substance that allows them to heal rapidly after sustaining wounds. Evidently this miracle healing oil works on humans as well.

Have you ever known someone who applied snail oil to his or her skin?