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Why we Like Ladybugs so Much!

In a world where it is not uncommon for many people to feel repelled by bugs, we seem to take exception and find a visual comfort in a ladybugs unique appearance.  It is interesting that their majestic coat is so appealing to us humans while being so disgusting to other insects.  In fact, it is precisely the ladybugs pretty coat that repels other bugs and prevents them from becoming some predatory bug’s lunch.

Scientists believe it may be the red coloring of the ladybugs outer layer that serves as a signal to predators that ladybugs do not taste good, but the exact reason as to why predators get this impression from the ladybugs coloring is not exactly known.  Additionally, ladybugs are able to produce a substance from their legs that makes them taste bad to other bugs that would otherwise happily consume them.

The ladybug is endowed with many more adaptations that serve to protect them from other hostile insects, and this is a good thing, as ladybugs are not plant eaters; rather they consume bugs that feed on crops, making them a farmer’s best friend.

Are you a fan of the ladybug? What do you do when you see one?