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Which Non-Venomous Insect House Pests Are Considered Most Dangerous To Humans?

Entomologists and pest control professionals consider cockroaches, termites, flies and mosquitoes to be the most alarming household insect pests that must be dealt with immediately in order to avoid serious consequences. When it comes to termites, the tremendous damage they inflict to structural wood renders infested homes hazardous. Cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, on the other hand, pose a direct threat to human health. Mosquitoes are well known disease vectors, and flies smear disease-causing microorganisms on indoor surfaces and human food sources. Cockroaches are similar to flies in this regard, as both roaches and flies spend much of their time around excrement and other pathogen-rich sources of decaying organic matter. When cockroaches and flies enter homes, they spread dozens of pathogens from these sources, making them mechanical disease vectors. However, flies and mosquitoes generally breed outside of homes, while termites and cockroaches breed within homes. Therefore, mosquito and fly pests are generally controlled by means of area-wide pest management methods, while termites and cockroaches are handled by pest control firms.

In Arizona, the German and brown-banded cockroach species dwell indoors, while American and Oriental cockroaches usually prefer outdoor habitats. However, both American and Oriental cockroaches can reproduce and survive indoors for an indefinite period of time. American and Oriental cockroaches invade homes in response to extreme climatic conditions, and they are year round pests throughout the US. Roaches will consume any human food or beverage, and they frequently feed on animal carcasses and plant materials. Roaches will also feed on human hair, dead skin, leather, glue, hair, wallpaper, fabrics, and the starch in book bindings. They contaminate food, which humans often notice due to the foul odor and taste of foods that have been tainted by roaches. Consuming food that has been contaminated with roach excrement, shed larval skins and/or the pathogens on their body can lead to serious intestinal disease.

Has your home ever been infested with roaches, flies, termites or mosquitoes?