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Which Foods Contain Bugs That You Eat Regularly?

Since insects count for about a third of all animals on the planet earth, you should understand that you cannot avoid eating them, there are too many. In the United States it is estimated that each person consumes an entire pound of insects per year, maybe I am getting enough protein in my diet after all.

One example of a bug that is legally allowed in canned or frozen asparagus, frozen broccoli and brussel sprouts, and apple butter, is a bug known as a “thrip.” Thrips are small winged parasites that you probably would not feel comfortable eating despite their eighth of an inch body length.

Aphids count as another example of a bug that you most likely consume regularly. You may have encountered aphids on your bouquet of flowers from the florist, but aphids will cause damage to any type of crop, and they are well known to make their way into hops in large quantities. The FDA legally allows for 2,500 aphids for every ten grams of hops. I know aphids are small, but that is a lot of aphids.

Have you ever found a bug in your food products?