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Spider Bite Leaves Exterminator In Need Of Multiple Organ Transplants

Not too long ago an exterminator was inspecting the crawlspace of his own house when he was bit by the dreaded black widow spider. Before the exterminator, Richard Jenkins, was bit by the spider he was an active and healthy guy who had just welcomed his first daughter into the world. Sadly, the consequences of…
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Now Hiring: Customer Service Representative

Job Description: Part-time: 30+ hours Customer Service Representative Job Responsibilities: Serves customers by providing service information and scheduling; resolving service problems. Customer Service Representative Job Duties: Attracts potential customers by answering service questions; suggesting information about other treatments and services. Opens customer accounts by recording account information. Maintains customer records by updating account information. Resolves…
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Which Foods Contain Bugs That You Eat Regularly?

Since insects count for about a third of all animals on the planet earth, you should understand that you cannot avoid eating them, there are too many. In the United States it is estimated that each person consumes an entire pound of insects per year, maybe I am getting enough protein in my diet after…
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