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What Does A Black Widow Spider Web Look Like?

It’s important to detect a black widow infestation early on, because the spiders are usually very reclusive, hiding in dark corners, in clutter, and sometimes in clothes and shoes, which is where the majority of bites usually happen. As such, if you know how to detect black widow spider webs, you will be able to avoid a very painful experience.


The web of a black widow has an irregular shape. It is usually uneven and will appear to be tangled. However, behind this chaotic design is a lot of careful planning.

There are three structural levels to each black widow web. The upper portion consists of supporting threads, the central portion contains tangle threads, and the lower portion is made of vertical trap threads. The appearance of the web changes over time, with webs that have a spider presence looking better kept, while abandoned webs fall into disrepair and appear even more chaotic.

A female black widow will hang upside down near the web, which will make the red hourglass marking on its abdomen a lot more visible. This position is adopted to send a warning signal to predators and intruders.

Black widows are very agile when they are near or on their webs, but they become quite clumsy when they stray from their homes. They will also prefer to avoid conflict as much as possible, adopting defensive tactics, such as feigning death when they are attacked, which allows them to escape.

Dealing with black widow spider webs

If you notice these webs around the home, it’s best to keep your distance. Trying to handle black widow infestations DIY can be dangerous, and spraying the webs with repellent or insecticide, may drive the spider into hiding, forcing it to set up inside clutter, clothes, or shoes, which is where most black widow bites happen. A black widow will almost always bite as a last resort, when it feels that it is being squished. If a widow hides in one of your shoes, and you put the shoe on, the spider will bite before dying.

The best way to make sure that the widows are safely removed from the home is to call over a pest control pro who will remove the infestation for you. Contact us today if you suspect that you have a black widow infestation.