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We’ve Already Got Bug Problems at the Rio Olympics

Let’s be honest. We have known for a long time that from day one there were going to be major insect problems at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. And it’s not the just the humans that are suffering. A very nice horse named Parzival, who is competing in dressage. Unfortunately, poor Parzival had to actually leave one of the competitions last week after a bug bite gave him a “toxic fever”.

The rider Adelinde Cornelissen found him earlier in the day with his cheek swollen from the bug bite and with a fever of over a 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Adelinde ended up having to drop out of the competition since the Dutch didn’t think to bring a spare horse. Parzival had a good chance at a medal too, as he had won the silver in the individual dressage competition and bronze in the team dressage competition in London. Thankfully, Parzival’ temperature went down after a day of consuming liquids, and doctors say he will be just fine.

What kind of other bug problems do you think we will see during the Olympics this year?