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Wasps sting children, adults at Tucson-area school

Wasps sting children, adults at Tucson-area school

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Make sure you look at these tips to avoid stinging insects:

  • Wear shoes, especially in grassy areas.

  • Overseed grassy areas to get better coverage, as this will deter ground-nesting insects.

  • Paint/stain untreated wood.

  • Remove garbage frequently and keep trashcans covered.

  • Do not swat at a stinging insect as it increases the likelihood of an aggressive reaction.

  • Avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes.

  • Ensure all doors and windows in your home have screens that are in good condition.

  • Seek immediate medical attention if stung, as reactions can be severe.

  • Do not attempt to remove a nest on your own. If you have an infestation, contact a qualified pest?professional.