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This Is What Venom Does To Your Body | Tucson Spider Exterminator

This Is What Venom Does To Your Body | Tucson Spider Exterminator

The black widow and the brown recluse are both, arguably, the most discussed of all wild arachnids, and for good reason–they are venomous. Although each of these spiders rarely claims a human life that does not mean that a brown recluse or a black widow will not cause you considerable pain and health problems.

Once you are bitten by a black widow, its venom will work to prevent your brain from sending the proper signals to your muscles, and your body will begin to contract violently. Black widow bites can also cause nerve damage and severe facial spasms–I bet you would not expect those symptoms from a spider bite of any kind.

The bite of the brown recluse spider, on the other hand, is equally dangerous, but with very different symptoms. First of all, there are normally no symptoms present in the victim of a brown recluse bite. They don’t even notice the pain of being bitten. However, after a couple of days a painful swelling will develop around the puncture wound. If the resulting abscess is not treated, death is a strong possibility.

Which spider do you think would come out on top if pitted together, a brown recluse or a black widow, and why?