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During Times Of Drought Just Eat Bugs? Tucson Pest Experts

During Times Of Drought Just Eat Bugs? Tucson Pest Experts

These days news about climate change is everywhere. The entire globe has been experiencing more and more droughts as each year passes. Even here in the United States there have been plenty of drought induced crop disasters that prove that even fully industrialized countries with high standards of living are also not immune to bouts of drought. And when droughts occur in the United States, there is little experts and farmers can do to save crops from death.

In the African country of Nairobi the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), has documented several cases of populations in eastern and western Kenya that have harvested several different insects, such as termites, in order to find sustenance amidst Kenya’s prolonged drought. Kenya is now experiencing an explosion in businesses that sell insects to consumers. Who knows how long it will take before Americans turn to eating insects out of necessity, as many Kenyans have.

If insects become more commonly consumed in America would it occur as a result of a shortage of food caused by a disaster, such as a drought?