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The Most Deadly Scorpion Species Dwells Within The United States | Scorpion Control Tucsonhttpdevelopment.innovativepestsolutions.compest-controlscorpions

Scorpions are one of the oldest known arthropod species in existence. These menacing looking arachnids first appeared on earth around four hundred million years ago. This means that scorpions have inhabited this planet for a longer period of time than both humans and dinosaurs. Surprisingly, during this long span of evolutionary history, scorpions have not changed much. So far, researchers have documented around fifteen hundred scorpion species, but experts believe that at least another thousand have yet to be discovered. Scorpions are tough creatures that are well suited for harsh environments. For example, a scorpion can live for two full days underwater. You can try freezing a scorpion, but it won’t die. Most scorpions live for two to ten years, but some species can live to be twenty five years old. As you can imagine, some scorpion species can be dangerous to humans. In fact, the world’s most dangerous scorpion species dwells right here in the United States. The American southwest is home to the fear-inspiring bark scorpion.

The bark scorpion’s venom is extremely potent, and in some rare cases, people have died after sustaining stings from this arachnid predator. Most healthy adults will survive a scorpion sting, but you may not want to, as the pain of a bark scorpion’s sting is reportedly extremely painful. Sting victims normally experience intense pain radiating from their wound. Numbness and tingling are commonly reported by sting victims, but most victims describe the pain as feeling like fire. When it comes to children and the elderly, scorpion stings are often more serious, and medical intervention is a must in these cases. Children who have sustained a scorpion sting have experienced trouble breathing, rapid heart rate, vomiting, drooling and muscle twitching. On a less frightening note, bark scorpions glow a green color when exposed to ultraviolet light, and during the summer months, scorpions give birth to live offspring. These offspring ride on their mother’s back before they molt.

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