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Try Eating Bugs With Alcohol

If you are afraid of putting into your mouth a creature that you have been running from your entire life, then that is understandable. Maybe you would be less afraid if you consumed alcohol with your bug-made meals. Many business owners in the United States are opening restaurants that feature different insects on the menus. These business owners are hoping that Americans will lighten up about bug-eating, but getting someone to eat something that they find disgusting is hard to do. One restaurant owner in Manhattan started his grand opening with a steady supply of alcohol, since people tend to make riskier decisions while intoxicated, like eating bugs.

The new restaurant owner admitted that nobody was interested in his edible raw scorpions. However, after twenty minutes of having free alcohol, a few of the scorpions went missing. I think it is great that Americans can embrace the practice of bug-eating, but hopefully they won’t risk becoming alcoholics along the way.

Do you believe that serving alcohol with edible bugs could be an effective way of getting people to forget their fears, and eat bugs?