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This Prehistoric Scorpion Was Larger Than A Man | Scorpion Control Tucson

This Prehistoric Scorpion Was Larger Than A Man | Scorpion Control Tucson

Scorpions are not the cuddliest animals on the planet as far as humans are concerned. Scorpions fascinate some people, while others are repulsed and/or terrified of scorpions. However, one thing is for sure, the now extinct sea scorpion would have scared even the bravest of people.

Several years ago researchers discovered an enormous fossilized claw belonging to an ancient animal. This giant claw belonged to what is now believed to be the largest bug ever known to man. To be more precise, the extinct organism was a scorpion that was as large as a crocodile. This scorpion lived around three hundred and ninety million years ago, and it was the most fearsome predator around at that time. Although researchers have never found a fossil showing the complete size of this ancient scorpion, researchers now believe that this scorpion measured at an astounding eight feet in length. This is the estimate researchers agreed on after measuring its eighteen-inch fossilized claw. Imagine the scorpions you know today possessing eighteen-inch claws—not a pleasant thought.

Scientists have long known that prehistoric insects were amazingly large as a result of higher oxygen levels on earth millions of years ago. However, scientists had no idea that prehistoric bugs could grow to proportions as large as this recently discovered scorpion. These enormous scorpions were cannibals but they also fed on now extinct armored fish, and probably anything else that got in their way. In fact, many researchers are now convinced that many prehistoric fish only possessed their armor coating as a way to protect themselves from the ancient scorpions ravenous ways. Once these enormous scorpions died out, fish no longer needed their armor coating, and that is why fish look the way they do today. Everything about the fossil evidence during this particular period indicates that this giant scorpion was at the top of the food chain.

Have you ever been stung by a scorpion? If so, how painful was it?