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This Daddy Long Legs Has Seriously Long Legs

While daddy long legs don’t actually pose any kind of threat to humans, one species found in Laos may still scare the hell out of you. This species of spider is actually called a harvestman, and has a leg span of 33 centimeters. That’s around 13 inches for us Americans. Now that is one tall daddy long legs! Dr. Peter Jäger of Frankfurt’s Senckenberg Research Institute discovered the extremely tall daddy long legs in the Laotian province of Khammouan. The largest species of harvestman spiders ever discovered had a leg span of a whopping 34 centimeters. However, while this new discovery likely belongs to the genus Gagrella in the Sclerosomatidae family, researchers can’t seem to definitively pinpoint the species level of this new harvestman spider. Sorry you giant arachnid enthusiast…My main concern is that this giant spider doesn’t develop a taste for human flesh. Daddy long legs are supposed to be the one spider we can trust and even count on to be our staunch allies. If that were to disappear, I don’t know what this world would look like in the days to come. Let’s all hope that there isn’t some secret daddy long legs conspiracy where they’re planning to take over the world be stealth and manipulation of the human population that loves them…don’t trust any arachnid.

Would you be freaked out if you saw a daddy long leg with this kind of height?