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The Life Of A Tarantula Can Be Far More “Blue” Than You May Think

Unfortunately I have seen my fair share of tarantulas in my lifetime. Most of which I saw form pictures. Putting aside my hatred for these ghastly creatures I had always assumed that tarantulas were not endowed with all the colors of the rainbow. Meaning, most tarantulas are brown, or dark brown, and then black…and that is about it. But apparently I was wrong, there also exist a hefty number of blue tarantulas, and this somehow makes them even more terrifying to look at.

Unless tarantulas have their own period of life characterized by teenage self image experimentation, then I think we will have to assume this bizarre blue color that many of them are sporting is natural and not a product of an “emo” phase that they will grow out of.

The experts cannot put their fingers on why a few tarantulas are blue, not from an adaptive standpoint anyway. Perhaps the blue color allows these blue tarantulas to hide more effectively at night from predators. Other than that, all the experts have to offer is a collective shoulder shrug.

What do you think could be the reason some tarantulas are blue?