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This Is What Venom Does To Your Body | Tucson Spider Exterminator

This Is What Venom Does To Your Body | Tucson Spider Exterminator The black widow and the brown recluse are both, arguably, the most discussed of all wild arachnids, and for good reason--they are venomous. Although each of these spiders rarely claims a human life that does not mean that a brown recluse or a…
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The Life Of A Tarantula Can Be Far More “Blue” Than You May Think

Unfortunately I have seen my fair share of tarantulas in my lifetime. Most of which I saw form pictures. Putting aside my hatred for these ghastly creatures I had always assumed that tarantulas were not endowed with all the colors of the rainbow. Meaning, most tarantulas are brown, or dark brown, and then black...and that…
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Identifying Your Spider Infestation: Venomous or Not?

Most of us grab for the nearest newspaper as a weapon or call the bravest person in our household at the first sight of a spider. Forget about identifying whether it’s dangerous or not – many homeowners simply ask, “how can I kill it?” With about 3,000 spider species roaming around North America, a few…
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