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Tarantula Petting Zoos Are A Thing

Most people have heard of petting zoos and understand them to be a place where people can get a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite cute animals, such as goats and horses. However, not all petting zoos are so pleasant as there also exists petting zoos devoted to getting people closer to scorpions, tarantulas and other terrible creatures that nobody likes.

The creator of these nightmarish petting zoos insists that his zoos will help make people less afraid of creepy crawlies, and could also help dispel some of the myths about some of the world’s most feared creatures. Perhaps creating a safe environment where people can face their irrational fears of creepy crawlies is not such a bad idea.

One myth surrounding ugly giant spiders is that they are venomous and therefore dangerous to humans. While it is true that many creepy crawlies are venomous, there are really only two spiders that pose risks for humans, which are the black widow and brown recluse. The most dangerous insects are the ones that we do not think twice about, like mosquitoes, which kill massive amounts of human beings ever year.

Could these petting zoos contribute to making people more comfortable with the idea of eating spiders for sustenance?