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Some Spiders Prefer A Side Dish With Their Main Entree Of Flies | Tucson Spider Control

Some Spiders Prefer A Side Dish With Their Main Entree Of Flies |Tucson Spider Control Spider Control Tucson

Dr. Dirk Sanders from the University of Exeter has come across a surprising find, and it involves spiders eating pollen on the regular. In fact, some spiders, according to the study conducted by Dr. Sanders, eat so much pollen that it amounts to one quarter of all the food it eats, and that is a lot of pollen. I guess even spiders can give up meat for a vegan lifestyle.

The study demonstrated that the common garden-variety orb web spiders consume mass amounts of pollen even when perfectly vulnerable bugs are available for consumption. While spider webs are very good at catching insect or spider prey, the webs also catch plankton-like pollen and fungal spores. It looks like the pollen eating spiders might be onto something since the study determined that those spiders that consumed both pollen and insects were the healthiest of all the spiders used in the study, even the ones that ate insects exclusively.

Have you ever touched a spider web in order to cause it to vibrate so that you could see what would happen? If so, did the spider webs owner make an appearance?