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Spiders Altruism: Can Spiders Be Considerate Of Other Spiders?

Spiders are correctly known for possessing brutal natures where just about anything smaller, and sometimes even bigger, would be considered food. In fact, spiders that make up the same species even kill and eat each other. And it is not just females eating males after mating as males will kill other males, and although it is rare, males will sometimes get away with killing and consuming females.

It seems that in the spider world just about anything goes. However, this may not be the case across the board as a team of scientists led by Lena Grinsted of Aarhus University in Denmark discovered a species of spider that was a product of interbreeding between two different spider species. This indicated that there must be some species of spiders that don’t get defensive when being coupled with an entirely different species.

The name of this unique specimen is Chikunia Nigra and the reason why some spiders are more tolerant of different types of spiders is not clear. Currently, there are only around twelve different species of spiders that appear to be relatively altruistic towards other spiders.

Why do you think that so few spiders are capable of existing without killing other spiders?