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Silkworms May Become Essential To The Future Of Space Travel

Silkworms May Become Essential To The Future Of Space Travel

These days there is a lot of talk about relocating some members of the human population to the planet of Mars. However, so far we humans have only made it to the moon, and that is already a long distance. In order to make space travel a normal aspect of future life, researchers must find ways to allow space travelers to sustain themselves nutritionally during long bouts of space travel. For example, there is no denying that astronauts of the future will have to make use of miniature ecosystems in order to sustain human life in space. These ecosystems will need to supply space travelers with a sufficient amount of food and water.

Researchers from China have already experimented on a number of animals that could possibly be raised in space in order to feed astronauts. These animals include poultry, fish, and even sea urchin larvae. However, each one of these animals raised logistical problems, as researchers ruled them out as possible forms of future space-food. Luckily, Chinese researchers did not fail to find an organism that could feasibly sustain a crew of individuals for long periods of time. Unfortunately, for most westerners who hope to experience interplanetary travel, insects are the only forms of sustenance that could support the dietary needs of a group of space travelers.

Future space explorers will be limited only to indoor conditions that are completely free of earthly environmental climatic conditions. This makes creating and maintaining an ecosystem difficult. Despite this, researchers are convinced that silkworms are likely the only protein-rich animals that could feed a crew of astronauts.

Silkworms are ideal because they require only very little space and water, they breed quickly, and they only produce small amounts of excrement. The small amount of excrement that silkworms produce could be used as fertilizer for growing vegetables and fruit. Silkworms are also highly nutritious, as they are even richer in protein and amino acids than eggs and milk. Even the silk produced by the silkworm could be consumed for nutrients. So if you want to be considered as a candidate for future space missions to Mars, then you should get used to eating silkworms.

Would you be willing to live on a diet of silkworms in order to travel to another planet?

Do you believe that there exists many other equally beneficial types of insects that could be raised for sustenance during space travel?