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Shield Your Home From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a nasty pest that no one wants to run into. They can make your life a living hell for months, and cost thousands of dollars to get rid of.  Soon, however, you may be able to prevent the invasion of bed bugs with a nifty new invention designed to shield your home from even being detected.

INSECT-A-SHIELD, a patent pending invention, uses pheromones to shield your beds and furniture from bed bugs, as well as spiders and ticks. It provides an effect and non-toxic way to keep bed bugs from infesting your home. You can sleep in your bed worry-free thanks to this scent-free INSECT-A-SHIELD, and not have to resort to using toxic insecticides or dangerous heat methods to keep bed bugs out of your life. What’s even better is the versatile nature of the product. You can also use it to protect you while you’re out hiking or camping to protect yourself from pesky insects. This could literally change the world of bed bug infestation control.

Would you like a way to prevent bed bugs from ever infesting your home?