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Research Says Most People Enjoy The Taste Of Insects, Even Those Who Are Disgusted By Them

Research Says Most People Enjoy The Taste Of Insects, Even Those Who Are Disgusted By Them

For the past few years, westerners have been told that edible insects provide consumers with an ideal amount of nutrients at a relatively low price. In addition to this hook, insect-consumption is marketed as an environmentally-friendly way of consuming protein, as raising livestock is damaging to ecosystems. Although insects are considered non-food items by most Americans, several people are nevertheless trying to embrace this new revolution in protein consumption. The only problem is the disgust that so many Americans have toward the concept of edible insects. Since edible insects offer substantial nutritional benefits, many Americans would like to eat them, but are prevented from doing so by their gag reflex. This is why some entomologists, and other insect experts have been receiving numerous questions about how people can help themselves overcome their disgust with insects. Surprisingly, many researchers have conducted studies concerning the way in which westerners approach edible insects. Judging by the results of these studies, it would seem likely that even those who are the most disgusted by edible insects would, nevertheless, enjoy the taste and texture of insects, as long as they don’t know what they are eating, that is.

Back in May of 2013, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization started a campaign to spread edible insect-appeal to western nations that have traditionally shied away from insect-consumption. The campaign is too young to be judged a success or failure, but studies are already being conducted to assess how western attitudes toward edible insects have changed since the campaign was started five years ago. One particular study found that most people would like the way insects taste if they were to simply try eating insects one single time. When researchers set up blind taste tests, the majority of people enjoyed both the taste and consistency of insects. A 2014 Belgian study found that people who ate mealworms and crickets enjoyed the taste, and would actively seek out more insect treats in the future. In other words, if you would like to keep a more nutritious diet by eating bugs regularly, then just try eating one.

Have you ever tried eating an insect that you were sure you would not like? If yes, did you enjoy the taste or not?