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This Recently Discovered Cockroach Glows In The Dark

This Recently Discovered Cockroach Glows In The Dark

Roaches are not the most pleasant animals to look at. Even for insects roaches are relatively ugly, and are possibly the most hated of all arthropods. However, there are numerous cockroach species thriving in the world today, and not all of them have the same revolting features. For example, one species of cockroach has been described by researchers as being “cute”. And apparently some have even reported these roaches as looking like the lovable and furry fictional creatures known as “Ewoks”. But these newly discovered roaches are perhaps most distinguished by their ability to glow like fireflies. In fact, some sources say that this roach is the only land animal capable of “mimicry by bioluminescence”.

These roaches are not furry, as the description above may lead you to believe. But at a certain angle and under the proper shade of lighting a design can clearly be seen that resembles the face of a teddy-bear. Although many may want to see what this strange roach looks like, there is a very good chance that this roach has recently become extinct. Until another live specimen is found and placed within a zoo or museum, photographs will have to suffice.

We all know that roaches are numerous on this planet, which is a big reason as to why they are so hated. They seem to be everywhere, even in volcanoes. Surprisingly, this glowing roach species only dwells, or dwelled, on top of the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador. This volcano recently erupted, which likely wiped out the whole species. Researchers have not spotted any specimens since the eruption, and many are disappointed about the roach’s extinction so soon after it was discovered. Luckily one group of researchers had a chance to study the roaches before they went extinct. It turns out that these roaches evolved bioluminescent patterns on their bodies that fool predators into thinking that they are poisonous. The glowing patterns are also notable for being asymmetrical, which means that these roaches are the first organisms in history known to possess asymmetrical bioluminescent patterns on their bodies.

Do you believe that it is unlikely that all of these roaches were wiped out as a result of the volcano’s eruption?