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Protect Your Picnic From Insects with This New Invention

Nobody likes it when they’re trying to enjoy a nice meal outside in the fresh air, everything is set out neatly on a blanket, and your about to eat and enjoy the great outdoors all in one when you see a fly approach the basket and start buzzing around the cheese you were planning on putting on your sandwich. Ok, gross, and if you didn’t immediately think gross too, you must not realize that whenever a fly lands on something they vomit and often defecate during their little break. So, yeah, insects ruin fun in the sun, especially when there’s food involved. But, a new invention might just be the answer to all of our prayers.

World Patent Marketing recently announced a new product that is designed to protect your food from those pesky insects called Insect Proof. Basically, it is a thin, clear plastic box with a lid that you place over your food. So, no nasty bugs can get in and ruin your meal. What makes this pretty cool is that the lid also acts as your spoon, which you can then use to scoop up food out of the Insect Proof without completely opening the container So, your food stays protected from gross bugs even while you eat. That sounds pretty nifty to me.

Do you think this product could become popular with all the insect pests we have to worry about when we go outside?