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A Phoenix Man Became Pinned Under The Horse He Was Riding After They Both Sustained Numerous Bee Stings, And A Green Valley Dog Died In Response To 200 Bee Stings

Arizona is well known for the many tarantula, snake and scorpion species that inhabit the state. While these creatures may be frightening to look at, let alone encounter, the most dangerous creatures in the state are definitely bees. In Arizona, bees are killers, as fatal bee attacks occur multiple times per year in the state. Of course, this may not surprise those who are aware that Africanized bees, AKA killer bees, become particularly active during Arizona summers. However, not all medically significant or fatal bee encounters in Arizona involve Africanized honey bees. For example, last year, a man was swarmed by honey bees while riding his horse, and he was not the only victim, as the horse he was riding also sustained numerous stings. To make matters worse, the massive honey bee swarm also attacked and stung several other horses on the property. In fact, it is not uncommon for animals in Arizona to fall victim to life-threatening bee attacks, as a dog died last month following a bee attack. The dog sustained hundreds of stings, and it has not yet been make clear to the public whether the bees responsible for the attack were of the Africanized or native honey bee variety.

During August of last year, a man sustained numerous bee stings while he was riding his horse in the Central Avenue and Desert Hills Drive area of north Phoenix. The man and his horse were both attacked, which caused the man to be thrown from the horse. Unfortunately, the horse then fell to the ground over the man, pinning him beneath the massive animal. Several other horses were also stung on the property. Luckily, the man was treated at the scene and did not require hospital care. Last month, an 11 year old labrador retriever named Sootie was attacked by a swarm of bees while in his backyard. Once firefighters, police and paramedics arrived, they made an effort to dissipate the swarm, but the dog had already sustained 500 stings. Sadly, the dog died before arriving to an emergency clinic. Later, a large hive was found within a wall facing the backyard.

Has your pet ever sustained an insect or arachnid bite or sting?