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Mutant Insect!?

Is it a bird? Is it an insect? Is it a plane? No, it’s the new hummingbird hawk-moth! This is not ordinary insect. Like superman this incredible creature is one of a kind, destined to stand out among its’ insect peers, and probably wallow in loneliness due to its’ strange multi-creature properties. It contains features from four different species, including one that is not an insect. In that respect it’s a little bit like Frankenstein’s monster, a jumble of different species patched together to make one strange looking critter. The hummingbird hawk-moth falls somewhere between a bird, a bee, a butterfly, and a moth.

The mad scientist who created the hummingbird hawk-moth gave it tentacles and a long tongue like a butterfly. He added a bees’ buzzing sound and ability to hover in the air to sip nectar. Just to screw with us he gave them the ability to fly just like a hummingbird, including backwards. This is seriously one of the coolest insects in the world. And lucky you, they primarily reside in North America!

Have you ever seen a hummingbird hawk-moth? What other incredible insects have you witnessed?