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A Man Burned Downed His Garage By Trying To Destroy A Wasp’s Nest

A Man Burned Downed His Garage By Trying To Destroy A Wasp’s Nest

Some people insist on avoiding a call to the professionals in favor of do-it-yourself solutions. This sort of self-reliance can often result in tragic consequences. For example, one man, Mike Tingly, celebrated the Independence Day holiday by burning his garage down in an ill-conceived attempt at destroying a wasp nest. Mike probably did not get around to seeing fireworks, but at least now he knows how fire works.

You may be wondering how a person could possibly burn down their entire garage just by attempting to destroy a wasp nest. Needless to say, Mike chose what is probably the most unintelligent method of pest control that an individual could possibly conjure–a smoke bomb! There is no word yet on how, or where, Mike acquired a smoke bomb. The firefighters that were called to put out the blaze likely felt too embarrassed for Mike to ask where he had acquired a smoke bomb, but apparently they are relatively easy to make.

Mike first noticed the wasp nest when he heard a buzzing in a corner of his garage. After searching his garage for a few minutes, Mike encountered a large wasp nest that contained an active colony of wasps. Mike became alarmed and must have come to the conclusion that a smoke bomb made for the perfect solution to his insect pest problem. Mike did not expect the smoke bomb to start a fire, but after he noticed flames forming around his garage window, he suddenly remembered that his garage was full of flammable products, such as gasoline, and various petroleum-based products. Mike’s garage went up in flames immediately. After thirty minutes, and with the help of locals, the firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze, but not before Mike’s garage was reduced to rubble. However, on the bright side, Mike did manage to destroy the wasp nest.

What is the most extreme measure that you have taken in order to rid your property of insect pests?