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How Come There Is A Large Spider Infestation Outside My Home?

Spiders are attracted to a property by many things, one of them being an abundance of their favorite food source – insects. They particularly enjoy flying insects, and they build their webs in their flight paths, usually near an exterior light, in the hopes of catching them. This however makes for an unsightly fixture in your patio.

Flower beds are also a big draw for spiders. Bees or wasps are always looking for sources of pollen, and spiders may be right there waiting for them with their nets. It’s not all bad though. Spiders also hunt aphids, which can destroy plants. Crickets are another big meal item for spiders, and crickets themselves attack leafy plants. The spiders that feed on crickets though tend to be much larger, and if you hate spiders, they will creep you out even more.

So it’s a give and take with these arachnids. Odds are that you hate mosquitoes. Well, spiders love them. If you have a mosquito infestation, you can expect spiders to follow shortly after. You can take care of both pests by keeping your yard dry and removing bodies of standing water from your property, so that mosquito populations fall.

Fruits left outside can also be an issue, not because spiders like to eat fruits, but because they attract fruit flies. Make sure that you do not leave fruits outside on your patio, because they will start to rot. Also make sure that you do not leave banana peels and other fruit waste out in unsealed garbage cans.

When it comes to the habitat that the spiders prefer, you will usually find them in dark, moist areas, such as woodpiles. These environments are perfect for spider nests where the females will lay their eggs. They will also nest in places under porches, in moist flower bed soil, and in leaf piles. Basically, if there is a damp, dark corner somewhere, a spider will be happy to call it its home.

Taking care of one or two spiders here and there by yourself is fairly easy, but if you have a large enough infestation, you will have to find the nest and remove it. This is where a professional can really help you out. If you have a persistent spider infestation on your property, contact us today and we will remove it for you.