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My Oh My! Why Do Spiders Have Eight Eyes?

One of the things that makes spiders so creepy is their many eyes. It is a little unsettling to turn towards dark corner and suddenly realize that you’ve got 8 beady eyes staring right back at you. Why do spiders need eight eyes, though? Why don’t they have two like humans? What do they need…
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Brown Recluse Bite May Have Led Amputation | Spider Control

Having a fear of spiders is perfectly normal, and it is the most common fear in the world. This should not be surprising considering the physical damage that some spider species can cause to humans. Although everyone has been told numerous times that spiders are harmless, there is one Arkansas resident who would certainly claim…
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President Saved From Spider Assassin

President Saved From Spider Assassin When I think of assassination attempts on the president, I usually imagine the affair being handled by a highly trained spy trying to poison his food or make a nighttime attack while he’s asleep in bed. The important detail here is that the assassin is always a human. So, when…
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